Swarm Catcher List 2018

If you see a swarm and want a responsible beekeeper to come and catch it…  we have a list.

The Edmonton and Area swarm catchers for 2018 are listed by name, email, phone number and then what area they cover.

Call one of the people for the right area and be prepared to answer a few questions about:  if you own the property/house, how high the swarm is, how big and when it arrived.

  1.  Malcolm Connell, connellmjm@hotmail.com, 780-239-9649, Edmonton
  2.  Alan Durston, alan@durston.ca,780-920-1425,                                       S and W Edmonton.
  3.  mr_ron_ford@yahoo.ca,                                                                               Camrose, Wataskiwin, Ponoka
  4.  kenfeth@yahoo.com, 780-678-4450,                                                 Camrose, Wetaskiwin
  5.  Darrell Sopel, D_sopel@yahoo.ca, 780-901-3087.                      N.Edmonton, Gibbons, Ft. Sask. Bon Accord
  6.  naomi.legg@gmail.com, 780-905-5344,                                                       S and W Edmonton.
  7.  Al Koberstein, akobe@telus.net, 780-462-8987,                                    S and SE Edmonton.
  8.  Rob Wynn, wynnr@shaw.ca, 780-970-7620,                        Edmonton
  9.  Herman Dixon, hdixon1@yahoo.ca, 780-974-2609,                             S Edmonton, Calmar, Leduc, Beaumont
  10. Herb Plain, herbplain@gmail.com, 780- 963-3363, cell:780-914-5912  Spruce Grove area. In the County of Parkland
  11. Penelope Harder, 780-916-1586 South East Edmonton
  12. Len Miller, len_miller_43@yahoo.ca, Alberta Beach/Onoway area

If all goes well then the swarm can sometimes be taken away in less than an hour (no promises).

A copy of this is being sent to Clint at Bee Maid Coop as well.

If you want to catch your own swarms, make sure to get a few pro tips from an experienced beekeeper like this article from Malcom.

And remember, beekeepers won’t help you relocate a dozen bumblebees.  😉