EDBA Executive 2017-2018 and Constitution

For the 2017-2018 year we successfully voted in our new Executive last week.

We are very thankful for the following people who have stepped up in our organization to lead us.

It’s people like those you see below who help make beekeeping in Edmonton and Area an amazing experience. Make sure to thank them for all the guidance, help and mentorship they provide.


President                          –  Craig Toth

Vice President                –  Malcolm Connell, 780-239- 9649 ,connellmjm@hotmail.com

Secretary/Newsletter    – Don Ronaghan, 587-521-6077, donronaghan@hotmail.com

Treasurer                       –  Alexis Brown, nzonart@xtra.co.nz

Webmaster                   – Troy Donovan, troymd@gmail.com

EDBA membership cheques can be made out to:

‘Edmonton and District Beekeepers Association’

Cheques sent via Canada Post go to:

4111 Westcliff Heath SW, Edmonton SW, T6W0X9


Cor De Witt ,780-986- 8582

Murray Golden ,peg.golden@hotmail.com

Troy Donovan  ,troymd@gmail.com

Ralph Shaner ,rshaner@telus.net

Our EDBA Constitution can be found here.