August Meeting

JA special field trip with Rassol Bahreini , an Apiculture Research Scientist from the Crop Diversification Centre North! He will be testing some hives for mites and demonstrating the recommended ways to treat for mites eg. apivar strips, formic acid and oxalic acid vaporization.

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    EDBA March Meeting 2023

    19:00 -21:00
    BeeMaid Coop
    10-70 Alberta Ave, Spruce Grove, AB T7X, Canada

    March 23rd, Thursday, 7pm. Bee Maid Honey Coop, 70 Alberta av. Spruce Grove.

    Learn all about getting ready for spring and our exciting plans for the coming year!

    Come early and do some shopping to take advantage of the bulk discount pricing! Need some pollen patties?!?

    A new hive tool? Some honey sticks (ok, ok, its American honey but people love them)

    Here’s the online shop: