Swarm catchers 2023

If you see a swarm of honey bees and want a responsible beekeeper to come and catch it…  we have a list!

The Edmonton and Area Swarm Catchers List

For the area you are in, please call one of the wonderful volunteer beekeepers and be prepared to answer a few questions (as best you can):

How high? How big? When it arrived? Do you own the property/house?

If all goes well then the swarm can sometimes be taken away in less than an hour (no promises).

A copy of this is being sent to Derek at Bee Maid Coop as well.

If you want to catch your own swarms, make sure to get a few pro tips from an experienced beekeeper like this article from Malcom.

Swarm In Tree, Beekeeper on ladder

Remember, beekeepers won’t help you relocate a dozen bumblebees.  If you see 25 large fuzzy bees going in and out of a hole then you most likely have bumble bees.  A real honey bee swarm in a tree… looks like this  (red arrows)————–>

In support of the entire Beekeeping community, here are some other other sources of information about Swarm Catching in Alberta: ABC , CDBA, Dustin, and City of Edmonton.