No Mow May

 No Mow May encourages the cessation of lawn mowing during the month of May to allow wildflowers to bloom. This simple action can significantly benefit our local pollinator populations, which are crucial for the pollination of many plants, including those in our gardens and agricultural crops.

The benefits of adopting No Mow May include:

Enhanced Biodiversity: Allowing grass and wildflowers to grow provides vital food sources and habitats for bees, butterflies, and other pollinating insects, supporting the biodiversity that is essential for a healthy ecosystem.

Cost Savings: By reducing the frequency of mowing public green spaces during May, the city can achieve considerable savings in maintenance costs. These funds could be redirected towards other environmental or community projects.

Public Engagement and Education: This initiative offers a unique opportunity for community engagement, raising awareness about the importance of pollinators and the simple actions we can take to support them. It also positions Edmonton as a leader in urban environmental conservation.

Climate Action: Less frequent mowing reduces the use of fossil fuels and associated emissions, contributing to the city’s climate goals. It also improves soil health and reduces the heat island effect in urban areas.

We believe that with the support of the Residents of the City of Edmonton/City of Edmonton, No Mow May can become a successful annual event that not only enhances the city’s green spaces but also fosters a deeper connection between its residents and the natural world.

Thanks everyone for considering this initiative. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate  on this and other projects aimed at preserving and enhancing Edmonton’s natural beauty and biodiversity.


Craig Toth
Edmonton and District Beekeepers Association