Looking for a Beekeeping course in 2019?

Malcolm and Craig will be running beginner beekeeper courses for the 5th year in NE Edmonton.

The course will be given on 5 different occasions:

January 26th, March 2nd, March 23rd, April 13th, and May 4th.

Topics covered include:

  1. Urban beekeeping regulations
  2. Location choices and Equipment
  3. Installing bees and queens
  4. What to check inside of a hive
  5. Swarm prevention/creating extra queens
  6. Basic Bee Biology
  7. Mentoring opportunities
  8. Wintering and Treatments

For registration, contact connellmjm@hotmail.com

Netflix – Rotten – Not Honey

People are eating product that is “Not honey”.

Its more of a “who done it?” real life crime documentary mixed with food sources but the first episode focuses on Honey so you might find it interesting. I like how it gives some insight into the bigger world of honey production and the import/export world.


At least check out the first episode:

Lawyers, Guns & Honey

With demand for honey soaring just as bees are dying off in record numbers, hidden additives, hive thefts and other shady tactics are on the rise. (55minutes)

This docuseries travels deep into the heart of the food supply chain to reveal unsavory truths and expose hidden forces that shape what we eat.

Its very interesting to see how they test for the sources of honey to make sure its not fake! Looking for pollen is old school!  Imagine testing and sampling thousand of varieties:


Stories about Bees and Bats

Doing bee research can lead to some interesting stories. Two stories about the challenges of studying winged wildlife, from bats to honey bees.

Part 1: Cylita Guy finds unexpected adventure when she studies bats in the field.

Part 2: Rachael Bonoan discovers she may be dangerously allergic to the honey bees she studies.

Check it out here.

EDBA Executive 2017-2018 and Constitution

For the 2017-2018 year we successfully voted in our new Executive last week.

We are very thankful for the following people who have stepped up in our organization to lead us.

It’s people like those you see below who help make beekeeping in Edmonton and Area an amazing experience. Make sure to thank them for all the guidance, help and mentorship they provide.


President                          –  Craig Toth , 780-460-7773 ,craig.toth@hotmail.com

Vice President                –  Malcolm Connell, 780-239- 9649 ,connellmjm@hotmail.com

Secretary/Newsletter    – Don Ronaghan, 587-521-6077, donronaghan@hotmail.com

Treasurer                       –  Alexis Brown, nzonart@xtra.co.nz

Webmaster                   – Troy Donovan, troymd@gmail.com


EDBA membership cheques can be made out to:

‘Edmonton and District Beekeepers Association’

Cheques sent via Canada Post go to:

4111 Westcliff Heath SW, Edmonton SW, T6W0X9


Cor De Witt ,780-986- 8582

Murray Golden ,peg.golden@hotmail.com

Troy Donovan  ,troymd@gmail.com

Ralph Shaner ,rshaner@telus.net


Our EDBA Constitution can be found here.


Info Graphic – Bees, Hornets and Wasps

Did you want to know a bit more about bees, hornets and wasps from around the world?  It might help answer those questions all your friends and family ask about.

Follow the link to an amazing info-graphic with great pictures in an easy to read format.  Most people think they are just jerks but did you know the difference between a hornet and a wasp?

A big thanks to a little junior beekeeper to be who passed along the information.  Great find Garrett!

Full graphic and the source found here.


You might already know that there are different types of bees out there, but which ones are important to our ecosystems, which ones are endangered, which ones make honey?

Making Money from Honey – Sunday Nov. 5th

This workshop is best suited for people who have been keeping bees for a few years and are planning to turn a hobby into a sideline or a sideline into a business. But every year, attendees also include non-beekeepers who are considering starting and are wondering about beekeeping profitability and are looking for ideas to get moving towards a second career or a retirement income.

Neil and Ron are offering their ‘Making Money from Honey‘ course in Edmonton this fall on Sunday, November 5

Neil Bertram and Ron Miksha have been working bees for decades. Between them, they have experience in hobby and commercial beekeeping, queen rearing, pollination, and production of a few million pounds of honey.

This overview of beekeeping economics is an all-day program.
Here are some of the topics which will be covered:
– growing from backyard/hobby beekeeper to sideliner to commercial;
– equipment choices and shop/honey house considerations;
– finances, projections, expectations, difficulties, setbacks, and success;
– how much money to expect from bees in a typical year;
– handling and marketing your products;
– case histories of good and bad beekeeping businesses;
– the beekeeper personality and lifestyle.

You can find more information about the course and its presenters at https://makingmoneyfromhoney.com

To register, contact either Ron Miksha (miksha@shaw.ca) or Malcolm Connell (connellmjm@hotmail.com). 

Swarm Catcher List 2018

If you see a swarm and want a responsible beekeeper to come and catch it…  we have a list.

The Edmonton and Area swarm catchers for 2018 are listed by name, email, phone number and then what area they cover.

Call one of the people for the right area and be prepared to answer a few questions about:  if you own the property/house, how high the swarm is, how big and when it arrived.

  1.  Malcolm Connell, connellmjm@hotmail.com, 780-239-9649, Edmonton
  2.  Alan Durston, alan@durston.ca,780-920-1425,                                       S and W Edmonton.
  3.  mr_ron_ford@yahoo.ca,                                                                               Camrose, Wataskiwin, Ponoka
  4.  kenfeth@yahoo.com, 780-678-4450,                                                 Camrose, Wetaskiwin
  5.  Darrell Sopel, D_sopel@yahoo.ca, 780-901-3087.                      N.Edmonton, Gibbons, Ft. Sask. Bon Accord
  6.  naomi.legg@gmail.com, 780-905-5344,                                                       S and W Edmonton.
  7.  Al Koberstein, akobe@telus.net, 780-462-8987,                                    S and SE Edmonton.
  8.  Rob Wynn, wynnr@shaw.ca, 780-970-7620,                        Edmonton
  9.  Herman Dixon, hdixon1@yahoo.ca, 780-974-2609,                             S Edmonton, Calmar, Leduc, Beaumont
  10. Herb Plain, herbplain@gmail.com, 780- 963-3363, cell:780-914-5912  Spruce Grove area. In the County of Parkland
  11. Penelope Harder, 780-916-1586 South East Edmonton
  12. Len Miller, len_miller_43@yahoo.ca, Alberta Beach/Onoway area

If all goes well then the swarm can sometimes be taken away in less than an hour (no promises).

A copy of this is being sent to Clint at Bee Maid Coop as well.

If you want to catch your own swarms, make sure to get a few pro tips from an experienced beekeeper like this article from Malcom.

And remember, beekeepers won’t help you relocate a dozen bumblebees.  😉

How to Keep Honey Bees

For courses in 2018, please click here.

For the third year we are are offering thebee-with-question-marks-300x193 beginning bee course at a great price.  It comes with free mentoring sessions included in the spring and summer. This course is sanctioned by the City of Edmonton.

The 2017 courses are from from 8:30am to 1:30pm on these Saturdays:

Beginning Beekeeper Course (January)

Beginning Beekeeper Course (February)

Beginning Beekeeper Course (March)

Beginning Beekeeper Course (April)

Beginning Beekeeper Course (May)

Topics covered include:

  1. Urban beekeeping rules
  2. Location choices
  3. Installing bees and queens
  4. What to check inside hives
  5. Swarm prevention/creating extra queens
  6. Mentoring opportunities
  7. Wintering/treatments

To sign up please contact by email:  connellmjm@hotmail.com for location and course cost.


Words are like bees, some create honey while others leave a sting.