Small Hive Beetle Discussion

March Meeting

Thank you to Dr. Nasr for discussing the small hive beetle and its spread!

– 1/3 of Canada’s honey bees live in Alberta.

– Small hive beetle has been found in BC’s Fraser Valley and Southern Ontario, they are from South Africa.

– The Small Hive Beetle is solid black or dark brown, about as big as a bees thorax, and doesn’t like the light.  It feeds on honey and Pupae, and leaves a yeast which ferments honey, making it smell like rotting oranges.

– A single brood frame = 6000 Larvae, the beetles move with bees.

– Beetles will live with a cluster for up to 18 months, and will trick bees into feeding them over winter.

– Strong colonies can isolate the beetle, and ensure it doesn’t spread.

– Look under pollen patties for grubs – they love it.

–  Cappings left in a bucket are free beetle food – they love it!  Try to extract in 2 days.  Melt wax, and clean it another time.

– Alberta is trying to slow the spread of Small Hive Beetle, Medhat soon hopes to have beetle traps – please send beetles you find to Medhat –

Try not to bring things from BC – buy Alberta Bees.  Reduce Risk by Reducing Exposure.