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Learn to keep bees 2021

Two of EDBA’s best beekeepers are once again looking to help train new beekeepers in 2021.

The course offered by Malcolm and Craig is not part of EDBA but with their mentorship program and years of experience there is no better course in all of Alberta. We can’t recommend it enough! They will be running beginner beekeeper courses for the 6th year in NE and NW Edmonton.

The complete course costs $140 and will be given on 5 different occasions in 2021. You only need to attend one day. The dates are:

  • January 23rd, Saturday,  8:30am to 2pm (online)
  • February 20th, Saturday,  8:30am to 2pm (online)
  • March 20th, Saturday,  8:30am to 2pm (online)
  • April 17th, Saturday,  8:30am to 2pm
  • May 29th, Saturday,  8:30am to 2pm

Graduates of the course can take part in the optional free mentoring sessions on most weeks from June to August. You can register for the course at

Topics covered include:

  1. Urban beekeeping regulations
  2. Location choices and Equipment
  3. Installing bees and queens
  4. What to check inside of a hive
  5. Swarm prevention/creating extra queens
  6. Basic Bee Biology
  7. Mentoring opportunities
  8. Wintering and Treatments
  9. 12 pages of information is provided to go along with slides (powerpoint) presented in class.

 You can register for the course at

Along with an EDBA membership you are sure to learn enough to be a very responsible beekeeper and attending the mentoring sessions will give you the confidence needed.