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August Meeting

JA special field trip with Rassol Bahreini , an Apiculture Research Scientist from the Crop Diversification Centre North! He will be testing some hives for mites and demonstrating the recommended ways to treat for mites eg. apivar strips, formic acid and oxalic acid vaporization.

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    EDBA June Meeting 2023

    19:00 -21:00
    The June 29rd, Thursday meeting of 2023¬† is planned for 7 pm. The location is yet to be confirmed but….
    The week before is the 71st Annual Beekeepers Field Day this year on June 23rd. The Field Day takes place at the National  Research Centre in Beaver Lodge.
    Want to car pool and snag a free lunch? Listen to speakers and maybe see the lab itself!
    Its the 71st Annual Beekeepers Field Day this year is on June 23rd.

    Normally, EDBA meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month but some exceptions are made to line up with conferences and summer BBQs.